The Election Fever…..

It’s that time of the year….. the semi-decadal fiesta… the General Elections are here.. To refresh the memory, it’s preceded by “leaders” taking a break from the absenteeism and their microphone flinging antics, visiting the constituencies and asking the voters for their “valuable” votes so that they might be voted back to revert back to […]

A riddle for you….

Just cooked this one up: Question: What would happen if pigs could fly? Answer: You’d catch the AVIAN SWINE FLU. 😀 PS:  I’ve thought this up. All rights reserved 😉

Red Alert…..

Just a passing thought… In view of the successful hosting of the IPL (Indian Premier League), wouldn’t it be a good idea to move the 2009 Lok Sabha Elections over to South Africa???…… 😀 Peace out….