25 Years on…..

25 years on after The Bhopal Gas Tragedy, the victims and their relatives are still looking for justice, while the CEO at the time is probably sipping margaritas at a beach.

How in the world, can a society be selective in the dispensation of justice? Compare this with the Ambani vs Ambani battle which has the whole nation worried.

Another example of India’s shift from being a democracy to being a corporatocracy.

3 thoughts on “25 Years on…..”

  1. The world has been, and will continue to be selective in dispensation of justice. When we say world, we read THE USA. And look at the justice that the settlers have handed out to the native indians, by driving them out on to reservations. Its like being treated as an animal. As long as the world governing bodies are read as the USA, injustice will be handed out by the controlled countries as a piecemeal compensation.

  2. Pathetic to see that the Indian govt and people have settled for peanuts! I guess we should stand up together for the issue

  3. Very true. I guess blogging is a very good platform to raise awareness about the same.

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