Happy Government to you……

On the eve of the  26/11 attacks, Maharashtra gets a state governement. The Democratic Front government finally gets sworn in. Most notable being that RR Patil gets back the Home Ministry portfolio, which he has lost the last time around, for making a foot-in-mouth remark. I am wondering what he did to get it? Attend […]

A New Take on Life….

Life, as envisioned by Woody Allen, the famed Hollywood Actor cum Director cum Screenwriter cum Comedian cum Musician cum Playwright: In my next life I want to live my life backwards. You start out dead and get that out of the way. Then you wake up in an old people’s home feeling better every day. […]

Businessman of the Year 2009

My nominee for Businessman of the Year 2009-  Madhu Koda– the ex- Chief Minister of Jharkhand. The guy had deals worth Rs 4000 crores. Man… That’s a true businessman. Read more of his exploits here,  here, here… And on his arrest, his wife did the only good thing a wife would do for his release: […]

The circus rolls into town…

It’s been a few weeks since the DF Government has been voted back in Maharashtra.. Now, when will these clowns stop squabbling and get a government sworn in and start working? Read here, here and here….

Riddle Me Ree….

Q: Why is the newest Operating System from Windows called Windows 7? A: Because 7 is considered lucky in many cultures and Microsoft needs all the luck in the world to make it “click and sell” 😀

Riddle Me Ree…

Q:  What is the difference between The Nobel Peace Prize and a Bournville chocolate bar? A: You need to earn a Bournville. In case, you didn’t get it—> Read this. 😀

An able politician-leader in the works??….

With the Lok Sabha elections around the corner, it’s funny to see the clowns joining the fray to get a chance to “serve the nation”. Well to be frank, I’m not easily impressed with the candidates that land up. Now I would gladly make an expection with a candidate- Shashi Tharoor. He’s a candidate for […]


Greetings fellow cricket fans( I guess that addresses 99.99% of Indians). BTW I belong to the remaining 0.01% 😀 So we are in the midst of the 5 week extravaganza called IPL. For the few uninitiated IPL is not the acronym for Iran Pro League, or iPodLinux or Imperial County Airport or others indicated here. […]