Happy Government to you……

On the eve of the  26/11 attacks, Maharashtra gets a state governement. The Democratic Front government finally gets sworn in. Most notable being that RR Patil gets back the Home Ministry portfolio, which he has lost the last time around, for making a foot-in-mouth remark. I am wondering what he did to get it? Attend […]

Jokers in the Pack…..

Well, the last week included a really controversial day for Indians. Not for any reason other than being a day when hooligans run amok everywhere. Yea, you guessed it right- 14th February i.e. Valentine’s Day. This year saw the entry of a new Joker in the pack- Pramod Muthalik, leader of the Sri Ram Sene. […]

Mayhem in Orissa

Well, what transpired last week was an absolute shame to India and all Indians. This was the cowardly act of the killing of the 89 year old VHP leader Lakshmananda Saraswati. What transpired after that was even more shameful, the killing and burning of hundreds of Christians in the state of Orissa. And the excuse […]

Now, that’s “Phelp-tastic”….

When Mark Spitz had won 7 Gold medals in the 1972 Munich Olympics, he had posed for a photograph with Sports Illustrated..(For the uninformed, Sports Illustrated is the world’s leading sports magazine).. Here’s the snap: 😮 And now, when Michael Phelps won 8 Gold medals, Sports Illustrated couldn’t possibly pass up the chance for an […]

Beijing Olympics…..

The Beijing Olympics has been different in a way that all the official stats and videos are copyright protected and has been implemented stringently… All youtube videos uploaded have been “knocked off” of the website within hours….. Well for all those who wish to access results, medal tallies and videos of Beijing Olympics 2008, The […]

Michael Phelps… Mission Accomplished….

Well Well Well…. As Expected, the American swimmer Michael Phelps has made a clean sweep of the 8 events he competed in. In the process, he “freestyled” past Mark Spitz’s record of 7 Gold medals in one edition of the Olympics by winning 8 Gold medals in 8 events he competed in. What makes it […]

An Olympics Gold Medal after 28 Years…..

Yipee….. Ever since, India started competing in the “Summer” Olympics in 1900, we have never won an individual Gold medal. All that has changed today, the 11th of August 2008 when Abhinav Bindra won Gold in the Men’s 10m Air Rifle Final…. 🙂 The complete results—> Read Here and the Medal listing—> See Here … […]

Olympics… Opening Ceremony

The Beijing Olympics 2008 set off to an amazing ceremony on 08/08/2008 at 8:08 pm Local Time. And were we treated to a visual treat…. The dancers.. the revelry… and finally the “fantabulous fireworks” display… China sure put up an amazing spectacle and the back-set for the Olympics. To know more—> Read Here This Olympics […]

Inflation of India at a 13 Year high..!!

Well news just in.. India’s rate of inflation has a reached a 13 Year high… As per reports from The Ministry of Finance, the Wholesale Price Index(supposedly the most watched inflation benchmark…. D’oh) “inched up” to 12.01% as per the Yahoo India News—> Read Here…. I must say, a poor selection of words indeed…..The use […]