Michael Phelps……..

Well, after the euphoria of Abhinav Bindra’s Gold Medal winning performance, Team India has continued to have strong performances.. However the talking point of the Olympics has been undoubtedly the crushing performance of the host nation- China and, also the 5 Gold Medals won by American swimmer Michael Phelps. Incidentally all of his gold medals […]

An Olympics Gold Medal after 28 Years…..

Yipee….. Ever since, India started competing in the “Summer” Olympics in 1900, we have never won an individual Gold medal. All that has changed today, the 11th of August 2008 when Abhinav Bindra won Gold in the Men’s 10m Air Rifle Final…. 🙂 The complete results—> Read Here and the Medal listing—> See Here … […]

Olympics… Opening Ceremony

The Beijing Olympics 2008 set off to an amazing ceremony on 08/08/2008 at 8:08 pm Local Time. And were we treated to a visual treat…. The dancers.. the revelry… and finally the “fantabulous fireworks” display… China sure put up an amazing spectacle and the back-set for the Olympics. To know more—> Read Here This Olympics […]

The Fish-Market Fiasco in the Parliament

Well… Everybody in India were treated to a visual treat in the Indian Parliament on 22nd July 2008… After months of relentless arm-twisting by the Left front, the Congress party finally put its foot down and this opened the flood-gates for the drama called the “Vote of Confidence”—> Read Here Well there were the usual […]

Inflation of India at a 13 Year high..!!

Well news just in.. India’s rate of inflation has a reached a 13 Year high… As per reports from The Ministry of Finance, the Wholesale Price Index(supposedly the most watched inflation benchmark…. D’oh) “inched up” to 12.01% as per the Yahoo India News—> Read Here…. I must say, a poor selection of words indeed…..The use […]

Now this is inspirational !!!

Everyday, we are surrounded by stories where people claim to overcome “humongous” obstacles and self proclaim to be messiahs for the “uninspired”. More often than not, they prove out to be nothing more than absolute “shams”….. Well a friend of mine recently sent me a forward by e-mail. And that contained the story of a […]

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