Internet in Your Pocket

Gone are the days when a clunky desktop computer and a noisy 56k modem was needed to access the vast internet. Now anyone with a mobile phone cannot connect and instantly be connected to the internet. Be it Android apps for whatever you wish to do, watch videoeswatch the latest IPL matches, check email, connect with a plethora of social networking sites. In short, we can now get everything, but the kitchensink on our mobile handsets. (actually there is an app called the KitchenSink, so I guess we can get everything including the kitchen sink :D)

Now, in case you have been hiding under a rock all this while, and do not know the power of internet on your mobile, Vodafone (continuing with their simple, catchy adverts) has released a few TV adverts being telecast during the IPL. You can catch all the adverts on their YouTube Channel.

Check out a few choice ones:

I must say that I am more of the person who associates with the latter advert 😀

From clunky desktop computers and noisy 56k modems to lightning quick internet on your phone, we sure have come a long way !!

Vodafone ‘Internet is Fun’

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