Jokers in the Pack…..

Well, the last week included a really controversial day for Indians. Not for any reason other than being a day when hooligans run amok everywhere. Yea, you guessed it right- 14th February i.e. Valentine’s Day.

This year saw the entry of a new Joker in the pack- Pramod Muthalik, leader of the Sri Ram Sene. This year, prior to the V-Day :D, the pack of chota cartoons went on a rampage in Mangalore beating up girls who went to a pub. Their official (yea right..) statement was that the “pub culture was spoiling the Indian youth”…. and declared that any couple found together on the 14th of February would be married off at the court.

And in response, the whole pack of cartoons faced a rebellion of sorts in the form of the THE PINK CHADDI CAMPAIGN.

Not to be undone,Ashok Gehlot,  the Chief Minister of Rajasthan reiterated that the actions of Sri Rama Sene are justified. I don’t know whether he had a plan for marrying off couples on the V-day. It would have back-fired anyway because any teen couple found together would, in all probability, be husband and wife. After all, Rajasthan leads the country in the incidences of child marriage and any social indicators as far as women are considered.

All in all, we saw that this year too 14th February saw a lot of changes. Ashok Gehlot nearly caught with his foot-in-mouth. Sri Rama Sene inundated with pink chaddis et all…….

PS: As an afternote, the “brilliant activists” never realised that the 14th of February 2009 being a Saturday, the courts wouldn’t have been working to marry off the dulha and the dulhan…. 😛

What a wonderful world ….

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