Mayhem in Orissa

Well, what transpired last week was an absolute shame to India and all Indians. This was the cowardly act of the killing of the 89 year old VHP leader Lakshmananda Saraswati. What transpired after that was even more shameful, the killing and burning of hundreds of Christians in the state of Orissa. And the excuse was that the leader was killed because he opposed “supposed Christian conversions” being carried out…..

The ironic fact is that the Maoists have claimed responsibility and the VHP has refused to believe that.. Imagine that, someone confessing and claiming responsibility and them refusing it. All this proves is that the VHP needed a scapegoat and a reason to torture and kill people….

For more details—> Read Here

It is stated in the above blog that Christians were given the choice to convert back to Hinduism or be killed. I believe that, it is a return to the dark ages when people are made to choose between “life” and “faith”.. I guess India has stopped being the nation it’s projected out to be when political parties start acting this way……..

As a finishing note, in the aftermath of all this, the VHP is calling for a debate on all the religious conversions… “VHP” and “sensible debate” no longer fit into a single common sentence…..

I found an intersting write-up on the internet. It reflects a lot of my views—> Read Here

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