The CAT’s out of the box… And it stinks….

The IIM Management launched the online CAT test this year amidst great hoopla.

Well Prometric (which supposedly conducts GRE and TOEFL) got the contract and everybody was happy.

Well, when the CAT 2009 arrived, and the reality struck.

Well, a report here is amusing, especially the response from Prometric. It is too good to be cooked up.

Word for word it is as follows:

“Exhaustive plans were developed and put in place well in advance of the start of the testing window. Unfortunately, the particular viruses and malware that attacked the test delivery system were not detected by the anti-virus software at the testing centres,” said Ramesh Nava, vice-president and general manager, Asia Pacific, Japan and Africa, Prometric.

Technicians were sent to address these problems, Prometric said.

“Candidates are our first and foremost priority, and Prometric is making every effort to provide all CAT aspirants an opportunity to test,” Mr. Nava said.

“Prometric is making every effort to provide all CAT aspirants an opportunity to test”. As if they are doing the candidates a favour.

Viruses… Phfff… Can’t they install a proper anti-virus software in every system??… There are even free anti-virus software available in the market like AVG Antivirus (Free Version).

The forum- pagalguy, which is a forum for MBA preparation, had a report here. Also, go through the comments section to see how many candidates buy that excuse.

Itna paisa mein itna-ich milega… 😀

3 Responses to "The CAT’s out of the box… And it stinks…."

  1. surwil    at

    Now the million rupee question is ‘ Who will bell the CAT ‘ !!!!!!

  2. Nilesh    at

    Truely and unfortunate episode in the country with a mastery in providing IT services. Don’t know what antivirus they might have used. But here’s a fact. None of the antiviruses are efficient enough to detect new viruses since they are reactive. But there are some antiviruses that are proactive, but i wouldn’t like to advertise them. I have come across incidents wherein big names in antivirus solutions have failed to detect viruses.
    Its now just to prove whether this whole incident was due to lack of and antivirus or just another case of corporate negligence.

  3. Surwil    at

    Sushma Swaraj quipped in Parliament , ” The Mouse ate the CAT ” — how true !! !!!!

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