How to apply for IPO via Federal Bank NetBanking (ASBA)

How to apply for IPO via Federal Bank NetBanking (ASBA)

This post is for you, in case, you wish to apply for IPO via Federal Bank NetBanking (ASBA). Your respective bank will have the corresponding ASBA section.

ASBA stands for Application Supported by Blocked Amounts. This system ensures that the amount needed to apply for an IPO is blocked in the selected savings account, without being debited. Only in the scenario of allotment is the amount finally debited.

So, here’s the process:

IMPORTANT: In case this is the first time, using this facility, you will have to register your Demat account details by clicking the “ASBA Registration” button. This is only a one-time activity. Futhermore, when using ASBA subsequently, you will not have to undergo the ASBA registration. 


You have now successfully applied for the IPO through the Federal Bank ASBA online application method. Refer this post to check allotment status for the applied IPO.

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12 thoughts on “How to apply for IPO via Federal Bank NetBanking (ASBA)”

  1. Registered with ASBA but unable to apply.As I click on ASBA form status shows Session expires

  2. @Shelina, not sure why the session expires. One reason could be if you spend a lot of time on the ASBA page. Normal timeout that happens in most secure websites. One solution would be to complete the application without spending too much time on the page, and risking the timeout.

  3. Hi, I needed some help. When I add applicant details the first time and choose CDSL as my depository, it asks me for my client ID. Is the Client ID 16 digit depository account number??

  4. @Kamlesh: Not sure why you’re having issues. If one takes a long time to fill up the form, then the session may time out. Could you try again?

  5. Close the browser and refresh. Then once again login though fednet and go to asba page. How long does it takes to get the approval? My application is under process status.

  6. @Nayana,
    It could be a temporary glitch. Hopefully, it should work, if you try after sometime. It usually does not take long.

  7. after even re logging several tyms..
    its still session has been expired
    what steps should i follow?

  8. How to apply for IPO through FEDMOBILE ?

  9. What is the Customer No asked alongside Depository Account?

  10. Error coming while submission to type account number but its showing only select

  11. From one federal bank internet banking how much IPO I can apply for different demat account?

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