A Foreign Affairs CM??

The “honourable” CM of Tamil Nadu, M. Karunanidhi‘s take on the LTTE strife in Sri Lanka, as reported by The Hindu. Is he planning to become the chief strategist for the LTTE??….

I find it ridiculous, that politicians in India involve themselves with issues abroad, especially when they have their hands full with issues of our own.

Also worthwhile is to note that the Maoists in India are considered “terrorist” while the LTTE is empathized with. Isn’t that hypocrisy???

4 thoughts on “A Foreign Affairs CM??”

  1. The hands of Law(read politicians) are long( read large)

  2. Very True….

  3. wanted to share my experiences regarding the LTTE
    I was wrking with a company called Leo shipping – yr 2003–( owner, super , DPA — all one guy Mr. Kulvinder Padda )

    We loaded wheat at Kandla and were to discharge at Trincomalee .. those days this port was under LTTE control .. so as soon as we anchored close to the port a boat approached us and along came onboard young teenaged boys 16-17 yrs old carrying AK 47s and automatic weapons .. This is how the LTTE brainwashed boys and girls so very young — they start i think right frm age 5 ,, and indoctrinate thm into their way of thinking and then convert thm into suicide attackers and bombers ,,, while Mr Velupillai is himself leading a comparatively lavish life !!!

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