How to apply for IPO via HDFC Bank NetBanking (ASBA)

How to apply for IPO via HDFC Bank NetBanking (ASBA)

In case you wish to apply for any of the IPOs through HDFC Bank NetBanking (via ASBA), this post is for you. Your respective bank will have the corresponding ASBA section. ASBA stands for Application Supported by Blocked Amounts. This system ensures that the amount needed to apply for an IPO is blocked in the […]

Upgrade free SkyDrive storage from 7GB to 25GB

Upgrade free SkyDrive storage from 7GB to 25GB

The new Microsoft SkyDrive is out with its revamped look, featuring improved mobile accessibility and improved integration with Microsoft Office. However, the default free space is 7GB (from the earlier 25GB before the change). However you can get back to the 25GB space with the following few steps: Step 1: Login to Skydrive with your […]

India Rail- New Train Numbers

  Starting 20th December 2010, the train numbers for the trains running under the Indian Railways has been changed from a four digit format (eg 1234) to a five digit format (eg 12345). Following are the methods to find the new train numbers for the same: Scenario 1: You know the old 4 digit train […]

Official Google Twitter Account Directory

Following is the list of the various twitter accounts used by Google: Company-wide Google Google Jobs Google Public Policy Google Research Google SMB (Small and Medium Businesses) Google Students Google Talks Google Ventures Products and Services Blogger Blogger in Draft Data Liberation FeedBurner Gmail Google At Work Google Books Google Calendar Google Chat Google Contacts […]

Official Google Blog Directory

Following is the list of the various official Google Blogs: Google Products Blogs Official Google Blog:  The official Google blog listing general updates about technology, products, and miscellaneous. Adsense for Feeds: Google Merchant Center Blog: Blogger Buzz Blog: Book Search Blog: Google Checkout Blog: Google Chrome Blog and Google Chrome Releases Blog: Custom Search Blog: […]

How to assign keyboard shortcuts to programs?

Suppose you have a few programs that are frequently used, and you want to use keyboard shortcuts for them. Here are the steps to add keyboard shortcuts to programs in Windows 7 (Mozilla Firefox is the program I will use as an example): -Right Click the program icon and select the option “Properties” – Next […]

How to check the Operating System Version in Windows?

Following is the way to check the version and details of the Windows Operating System running on your computer/laptop. Click the Windows Icon in the task bar. (Or alternatively, use the “Windows Key” on the keyboard) Next Type in “winver” (without the quotes) and hit ENTER. The Operating System with the details and build version […]