An able politician-leader in the works??….

With the Lok Sabha elections around the corner, it’s funny to see the clowns joining the fray to get a chance to “serve the nation”. Well to be frank, I’m not easily impressed with the candidates that land up.

Now I would gladly make an expection with a candidate- Shashi Tharoor. He’s a candidate for the 2009 Lok Sabha Elections contesting from Thiruvananthapuram( or Trivandrum as it is known to the verbally challenged non-mallu) in Kerala.

A look at his resume shows his multi-faceted spectrum of activities and his various roles in the diplomatic cadre of the Indian Government.

By the way, the links to his webpages are —> His official page and his campaign page.

I just hope that people like Shashi Tharoor come more often. What we see instead, are certain parties whose election manifesto includes banning English and computer usage.

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