Greetings fellow cricket fans( I guess that addresses 99.99% of Indians). BTW I belong to the remaining 0.01% 😀

So we are in the midst of the 5 week extravaganza called IPL. For the few uninitiated IPL is not the acronym for Iran Pro League, or iPodLinux or Imperial County Airport or others indicated here. It’s the Indian Premier League- a professional cricket tournament created by the Cricket Board of India (BCCI).

Coming to this year’s edition, it’s being hosted in South Africa. Why? you ask. If the organisers are to be believed, the reason for the alleged security inadequacy in India. Wow.. and the funny thing is the audacity of still calling it The Indian Premier League.

This year was eventful nevertheless with the initial washout of the matches due to incessant rains, the katti-buchi game between Shah- Rukh Khan and the Kolkata Knight Riders, the three captain theory of the Kolkata Knight Riders, the Fake IPL Player etc.

Well the funniest thing is the incessant advertisement of the various sponsors. DLF, Hyundai, Citi Group.

It’s funny-turned-irritating when the commentators started wailing about a DLF super six whenever a batsman whacks a ball over the boundary line.And then there is the Citi Moment of Sucess. The Citi Group is a company that took $45 billion from the US Government to prevent it from tanking. So Citi cannot be equated to any moments of success. It should be rather called “Not Citi- Moment of Sucess“.

And finally there are the people who cover the proceedings- there is a former contestant of Indian Idol, Mandira Bedi and some guy no one knows or cares about.

That sums up the 2009 edition of the IPL. It’s a pity that the focus is off the cricket onto other mundane things.

Cheers !!….

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  1. great post!!!!!

  2. Yes Hardik,
    I guess THE HINDU is the only newspaper that delivers news without slaughtering the English language. Cheers !!

  3. Thanx 🙂

  4. Nice post ! I liked the way you use the language even though i belong to the rest of the 99.99 p.c and am a die hard fan ..

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