Backus afterus hiatus….

I have been on a sorta hiatus since my last post. The world sure has changed to a large extent.

1) An octopus dethroned the mighty humans (and a wannabe parakeet too) to lay claim to be the title of “The Clairvoyant King” at the 2010 Football World Cup.

2) Shashi Tharoor transformed from this to a pitiable shadow of himself.

3) India got a symbol for the Indian Rupee.

4) Dr. Manmohan Singh became the third longest serving Indian Prime Minister.

5) We had two major train accidents (Here and here), and a major aircraft tragedy.

4 thoughts on “Backus afterus hiatus….”

  1. @Rincy. Thanks a lot. Feels good to be back blogging after a long time.

  2. good to see u back after a long time…keep blogging..looking forward to your sarcasm filled blogs!!!

  3. @Rinta: Thanks for the welcome 🙂

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