How to assign keyboard shortcuts to programs?

Suppose you have a few programs that are frequently used, and you want to use keyboard shortcuts for them.

Here are the steps to add keyboard shortcuts to programs in Windows 7 (Mozilla Firefox is the program I will use as an example):

-Right Click the program icon and select the option “Properties”

– Next select the “Shortcut” tab

– Click in the text field of the “Shortcut key” option and use the use the keyboard shortcut you wish to use for that program. Here I have used the combination Ctrl+Shift+A

– Click “Apply” and then “OK’. The keyboard shortcut has been set.

– The next time, the shortcut is used(in this case Ctrl+Shift+A), the target program is opened (in this case, Mozilla Firefox).

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  1. Quite helpful.. thnx

  2. 🙂 Glad you found it helpful.

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