Sty-mes of India……

I am a big sports fan… and before anyone assumes anything, I’d like to clarify that I am a fan of Basketball. Since the NBA season 2008-2009 playoffs are on at the moment, I wish I could see some NBA playoffs results in The Times of India once in a while. Well well well… How foolish of me to expect this from the leading newspaper of India- The Times of India. In a typical edition of the newspaper, the last four pages are allotted for sports coverage. But 90% of it is mired in cricket coverage. Period. No other sports deserves a mention ( at least as per the Times of India). And that includes all the op-eds(if you can call them) of “esteemed cricket analysts” like Mandira Bedi..On 1st of May 2009, this was her article in the paper. 😮

It truly is all the more annoying when the said pages are titled as TIMES SPORT. Yeah right, Sports indeed. They might as well christen it TIMES CRICKET.

I guess I am not the only only person which qualms. With the UEFA Champions League on, football aficionados will be equally peeved with the coverage of the results.

Well.. I hope that TOI doesn’t rest on its laurel of being the highest selling newspaper in India and move to better coverage and better quality of articles.

I guess the only practical use for the quadrillion page TOI is to swat mosquitoes and also to pass time when travelling in the local trains.

PS: In case someone wonders why I used the funny word in the title of the post, it’s a play on words of the word- STYMIE.

Cheers !!

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