The hoopla over IITs…..

Chanced upon this article online.

It covers an article on the American structural biologist, who won the 2009 Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

The ludicrous part of the article is this:

In a society that glorifies the IIT-IIM culture, this doesn’t come as a surprise. My take is that if Mr. Venkataraman Ramakrishnan had gotten that IIT seat, he would most probably have been some corporate sleaze-bag or an NRI crybaby like this and this…. He’s ended up better as a human being. Great minds like Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates haven’t had a “good education” by Indian standards, while people like Ramalinga Raju and Anil Kumar clear the Indian standards of education.

And meanwhile, somewhere in the deep recesses of Indian Governance, the Right to Education Act/Bill hasn’t yet been implemented into law…..

I guess it’s time we re-wrote a few standards by which we measure success, and competence

5 thoughts on “The hoopla over IITs…..”

  1. Then what about Mr. Manmohan Singh? Its not always good to point out bad people to prove somthing….The persons you named had not been taught the values of life properly. Indian standards of education do not create bad people. Its the environment and few corrupt minds.

  2. well said Nilesh !! Bravo !!

  3. The fact is many studies have shown that educated people make more money and have a better standard of living. As you have pointed out there are exceptions to this rule.

  4. and its not worth pointing out exceptions. We donot want the future generation to get wrong signals from the behaviour of these chracters.

  5. @Hari: Very true. My exact point was that the alma mater plays a role only up to a certain limit. After that, it is all that the individual does.

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