Times of India vs The Hindu

The trending topic at the moment seems to be Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh‘s visit to the United States of America.

The key reports of The Times of India seem to be this and this.

The Hindu however reports this. Even the party scene was described this way

Well, I find it amusing that The Times of India still considers itself a newspaper….

Even BBC, a British broadcasting network has a better coverage here and here.

6 thoughts on “Times of India vs The Hindu”

  1. Couldn’t understand what the point of this post was…

  2. pls read todays TOI ,,, circulation figures are given . TOI is no.1 in delhi followed by HT ,,, In mumbai TOI is no.1 ,, followed by Mumbai mirror also from the TOI stable ,,, 3rd is DNA The Hindu is nowhere on both these lists ,, comes a very very distant 6th or 7 th position … My observation is that OBVIOUSLY sooo many consumers cant ALL BE WRONG ..

  3. Absolutely agree with what you have written…

    I still remember the day the former Pope died … when every other newspaper, leading and budding, had promptly published that the Pope had passed on… TOI was the only paper that published that he was still critical in hospital …

    When I read the piece of news, I was shocked that TOI, whom we all know is just a “bakwaas” paper that is 100% commercial and doesn’t give two hoots to the authenticity of the news it publishes, would go to the extent of altering world history!

    So I called their office to let them know that it was all wrong… the reply I got was …

    “Our editor was on holiday so we could not get his approval!”

    Excellent post and it totally makes sense!

  4. Divya, I must say that I wouldn’t have the patience to drive sense into the folks at ToI. πŸ˜‰ And thanks for the comment.

  5. good comparison. There was a similar instance when the Lokpal movement was in full force. The way one newspaper reported was simply outrageous!

    In response to surwil:
    Nobody is telling people are wrong. It is just that so many people have become so insensitive that they want more gossip and less news. And for the numbers, you have provided the proof πŸ˜‰

  6. @KNR: Thanks for your comment. I do agree that foreign media institutions do not run after garnering ‘eyeballs’ and viewership numbers. Instead the free market works. If you are not good enough, there are viable alternatives.

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