Businessman of the Year 2009

My nominee for Businessman of the Year 2009-  Madhu Koda– the ex- Chief Minister of Jharkhand.

The guy had deals worth Rs 4000 crores. Man… That’s a true businessman.

Read more of his exploits herehere, here

And on his arrest, his wife did the only good thing a wife would do for his release: sacrifice goats for his reprieve

Who ever said politics is boring….

Which Chief Minister (or ex-Chief Minister) is it going to be next?…. Any guesses??….

Cheers !!

4 Responses to "Businessman of the Year 2009"

  1. Nilesh    at

    A better question to ask would be….
    Which Chief Minister is going to be next?

    Easier to count, isn’t it?

  2. rincy    at

    uno bueno

  3. Jimmy Pudussery    at

    Muchas Gracias Senorita

  4. Jimmy Pudussery    at

    Well, Chief Ministers have some sort of, ahem, immunity.. 😀

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