Happy Government to you……

On the eve of the  26/11 attacks, Maharashtra gets a state governement. The Democratic Front government finally gets sworn in. Most notable being that RR Patil gets back the Home Ministry portfolio, which he has lost the last time around, for making a foot-in-mouth remark.

I am wondering what he did to get it? Attend classes on “political correctness“?? 😮

4 Responses to "Happy Government to you……"

  1. Nilesh    at

    Such small things keep on happening in big countries!!

  2. Jimmy Pudussery    at

    Very true…..

  3. surwil    at

    that comment by nilesh looked suspiciously similar to Patil’s own comment , nice irony

  4. Jimmy Pudussery    at

    Lol…. True… I hope he’s just para-phrasing RR Patil….

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