The great Delhi Police…..

The “wonderful and truly capable” Delhi Police just got busted. Their vain attempts to implicate some individual in a murder case got shredded away in the Delhi High Court. The basic summary is as follows: A couple (husband with blood group A, and the wife with blood group B) gets killed, the investigating police plant … Read more

Poor Pr(ay)ime Minister

Indian PM-  Dr. Manmohan Singh surely has his hands full. When he took office, no one must have told him that his job would include apologising for fellow party member’s statements, and also placating people bellowing and fasting for their region’s statehood. I sorta feel sad for him. With an education like this, and a … Read more

Stalling Stalin……

Well, I chanced upon this article in The Hindu online edition. It made for a hilarious read. The icing on the cake was the following statement by MK Stalin: My father always gives ‘rest to rest’ and I hope he will not retire from active politics. M Karunanidhi, and active politics??…. 😀

Where is the Gore??…

The hottest thing nowadays, is the United Nations Climate Change Conference. This conference will supposedly harbor in a new age, where nations will pollute lesser i.e. reduce emissions- the Greenhouse ones not this kind of emissions. 😀 But a notable absentee at this conference will be Al Gore (of the An Inconvenient Truth fame). He … Read more

25 Years on…..

25 years on after The Bhopal Gas Tragedy, the victims and their relatives are still looking for justice, while the CEO at the time is probably sipping margaritas at a beach. How in the world, can a society be selective in the dispensation of justice? Compare this with the Ambani vs Ambani battle which has … Read more

Riddle Me Ree 4…

Q: Which is the costliest book released in 2009? A: The 1029-page Liberhan Commission Report. After 17 years of extensive research and Rs 8 crores (that’s Rs 80,000,000) of Indian tax payer money, it works out to be Rs 80,000/- and 6 days spent per page.