Times of India vs The Hindu

The trending topic at the moment seems to be Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh‘s visit to the United States of America. The key reports of The Times of India seem to be this and this. The Hindu however reports this. Even the party scene was described this way… Well, I find it amusing that […]

What’s the hoopla about??…

It’s that time of the year. 26/11 is here.. Victims of the dastardly attack have moved on with life, but the political class and the media are milking it for all its worth. After all, the media doesn’t have to cook up any new stories for a fortnight or so, (not that they normally do […]


For all who think that the stock market is the place for earning an honest living, here’s an article. SEBI has accused RIL of rigging the stock price of RPL. This doesn’t come as a shock, even though it’s from the highest echelon of this corporatocracy-cum-thugocracy called India

Hand of Cod….

The biggest threat to world peace since the world wars. France “cheating” in their second leg to beat Ireland, and qualify for the next World Cup. It was dramatic for the fact that the French captain Thierry Henry handled the ball and then tapped it onto to William Gallas who scored the goal, which knocked […]

A Foreign Affairs CM??

The “honourable” CM of Tamil Nadu, M. Karunanidhi‘s take on the LTTE strife in Sri Lanka, as reported by The Hindu. Is he planning to become the chief strategist for the LTTE??…. I find it ridiculous, that politicians in India involve themselves with issues abroad, especially when they have their hands full with issues of […]

A Religion called Cricket??…

It’s being often said here , “Cricket is a religion in India”, and that set me thinking. The just-concluded India-Australia One-Day International series could very well have been the summary of the “faith” of the religious Indian cricket fans. Well, the 1st One-Day International was a practice match for Indians. After all, how could we […]

Happy Government to you……

On the eve of the  26/11 attacks, Maharashtra gets a state governement. The Democratic Front government finally gets sworn in. Most notable being that RR Patil gets back the Home Ministry portfolio, which he has lost the last time around, for making a foot-in-mouth remark. I am wondering what he did to get it? Attend […]

A New Take on Life….

Life, as envisioned by Woody Allen, the famed Hollywood Actor cum Director cum Screenwriter cum Comedian cum Musician cum Playwright: In my next life I want to live my life backwards. You start out dead and get that out of the way. Then you wake up in an old people’s home feeling better every day. […]

Businessman of the Year 2009

My nominee for Businessman of the Year 2009-  Madhu Koda– the ex- Chief Minister of Jharkhand. The guy had deals worth Rs 4000 crores. Man… That’s a true businessman. Read more of his exploits here,  here, here… And on his arrest, his wife did the only good thing a wife would do for his release: […]