Elections.. A damp squib??….

Elections to 10 Lok Sabha constituencies were held on Thursday, the 30th of April 2009. In spite of all the bravado after the November 2008 militant attacks, where citizens held candlelight vigils and promised to vote back a better government, the polling percentages for Mumbai (the epicentre of the said event) was abysmal. Here’s the […]

Sty-mes of India……

I am a big sports fan… and before anyone assumes anything, I’d like to clarify that I am a fan of Basketball. Since the NBA season 2008-2009 playoffs are on at the moment, I wish I could see some NBA playoffs results in The Times of India once in a while. Well well well… How […]

The Election Fever…..

It’s that time of the year….. the semi-decadal fiesta… the General Elections are here.. To refresh the memory, it’s preceded by “leaders” taking a break from the absenteeism and their microphone flinging antics, visiting the constituencies and asking the voters for their “valuable” votes so that they might be voted back to revert back to […]

A riddle for you….

Just cooked this one up: Question: What would happen if pigs could fly? Answer: You’d catch the AVIAN SWINE FLU. 😀 PS:  I’ve thought this up. All rights reserved 😉

Red Alert…..

Just a passing thought… In view of the successful hosting of the IPL (Indian Premier League), wouldn’t it be a good idea to move the 2009 Lok Sabha Elections over to South Africa???…… 😀 Peace out….

Jokers in the Pack…..

Well, the last week included a really controversial day for Indians. Not for any reason other than being a day when hooligans run amok everywhere. Yea, you guessed it right- 14th February i.e. Valentine’s Day. This year saw the entry of a new Joker in the pack- Pramod Muthalik, leader of the Sri Ram Sene. […]

Last Lecture: Randy Pausch

Yesterday, I chanced upon this video on the good ol’ youtube website. This is part of a series named LAST LECTURE. The idea of this was to bring people from all different walks of life to deliver a lecture assuming that it would have been the last lecture they would give before they died. Randy […]

Back after a hiatus infinitus…..

Well…. after months of procrastination and lazying around with no blog posts to my credit, I’m back. Hopefully, this time around, the stint will be longer… 😀 I am not too much into New Year resolutions (not forgettin the fact that it’s a month late to be making resolutions), but I do hope to continue […]

Now this is inspirational !!!

Everyday, we are surrounded by stories where people claim to overcome “humongous” obstacles and self proclaim to be messiahs for the “uninspired”. More often than not, they prove out to be nothing more than absolute “shams”….. Well a friend of mine recently sent me a forward by e-mail. And that contained the story of a […]

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